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contracts of race and sex

am i crazy? paranoid?
looking back on situations
where i am required
to submit myself to authority
i see manipulation of facts
assumptions of morality
projections of values
such as:
prejudice against "men of property"
clinging to the vestiges of the old slave days
i see reinterpretations of history
as if the re-authors could be witnesses
looking through the distorted glass of our documented past
adding in our own masturbation thoughts
injecting the body with our present day bias
and oh yes the clarity of the rear view mirror!
its so much easier when the time for action is spent


california wine

I am coming to learn that California wine and cheese bars are as plentiful as Seattle coffee shops. And there is a certain level of baggage attached, which locals carry around with a misplaced sense of pride.

"Is this the finest wine you carry?" I overheard a patron say.

Oh my god! It's a bottle of wine, not the latest Apple gadget!

____ sucks! well, more than me.

life is full of self righteous bitches
no use complaining; its like weather
not that i'm fatalistic about this stuff
i'm just enlightened!

seven snapshots form a sequence

short story / character ideas:

1) couple runs out of gas on a lonely stretch of highway
2) big bad mean motherfucker goes to pick up women
3) guy wakes up in strange place, tries to figure things out
4) trying to accomplish a task using the wrong tools
5) trying to fix a problem but only making it worse


give me a title

i had a dream last night:
marty was still alive
living in the u-district
i paid him a long overdue visit
he offered to help pay for my textbooks (?)
and we talked for a while
need to reconnect, brother!


the new scarlet letters

most people you meet are secretly conservative:
they have their ideal world mapped out in their head
and they want to drag you into it, kicking and screaming

don't bother pointing this out to people
they will not change their sinful ways (irony intended)
they will only grow to hate you
and you will gain nothing in return


teach your eyes

i want to hang out with rodarte
and make a movie with rag and bone
because i'm not ready for band of outsiders

i don't think people appreciate my silly tags enough



sometimes, when i get a good idea
i can hardly contain myself
coffee does it to me sometimes
the gears start turning in my little head
and i just fall over like a little blue bird
trying to fly when he can't really fly
thats how my brain works
like a little bluejay doing summersaults down a grassy hill
with a big stupid grin on his face

someone thinks you're a tranny

how would you respond
if someone accused you
of looking like a transexual?

is it politically incorrect to be offended?

my favorite 10 albums of 2009

1) Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest
2) Gliss - Devotion Implosion
3) Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
4) Elvis Perkins - Elvis Perkins in Dearland
5) Circlesquare - Songs About Dancing and Drugs
6) Atlas Sound - Logos
7) Girls - Album
8) Hayden - The Place Where We Lived
9) Flaming Lips - Embryonic
10) Lou Barlow - Goodnight Unknown

Runner Up) Cave Singers - Welcome Joy



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