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discrimination in advertising

i got this link from fake steve jobs.

i understand the argument against speech like this. i went to a liberal arts school. but i think its silly, the losers who try to shame and censor it. don't they know they're drawing more attention to it?

advertising, by nature, does not show us anything new. it reflects our inner selves back at us and says what we are too ashamed to say about ourselves.

of course, you might argue that the 'media as mirror' metaphor also perpetuates our negative self-image. i'm open to that. there is a sense that pepsi endorses the mindset and says its okay.

but honestly, why would we give pepsi so much credit as some beacon of morality for the masses to emulate?

also, at what point in time did jezebel establish a position of authority to criticize anybody else's sexual depravity?

tommy dean & friends outtake

i am pretty happy with how this video clip turned out. its a bit self indulgent but i guess everything i do is a bit like that. have you seen the whole thing?

does this ad make me look fat?

it is silly to get angry with media
a d v e r t i s i n g
for how it portrays perception of beauty
this is the nature of sales
like to hate seals for eating penguins
it is the essence of the thing

capitalism is just this way:
(big fish eat little fish?)
identifying a need and making an offer
s o l u t i o n s - in exchange for - c a p i t o l

advertising all operates on this assumption:
you are incomplete
maybe not ugly or stupid
but you are in need of something
and i have the solution

happy normal people don't sell products
disinterested ridiculously beautiful people sell products
if this is unreasonable unattainable images of beauty,
this is deliberate! you can't touch beauty
to see the unattainable
is to see the shared ubiquitous desire

this is how capitalism works
you want something bad enough? go work for it. earn it.

make your own capitol


i have two hours right now
lets make the most of it
time is wasting away
at 4pm the mail goes out
at 5pm i must leave
if we are going to make this work
i will need x and y to happen
please be patient with me
show me exactly what you want


he's so sad

the other day, i was feeling so sad
i thought to myself
i could not be any more sad

so, i called up the guinness books of world records

they told me, there is no award
for saddest man in the world
and they laughed at me. a lot.


waiting for version 2.0

i had a ridiculous meeting for work
at 8am thismorning
a conference call to discuss systems

how do we work, as a team?
how do we communicate?
how do we make a video?

i am getting better at this thing
but still need confidence

i wonder, why did it take me this long?

metaphorical observation

plants know what they need to do
no intervention is needed
but perhaps, you can help
do what the plant is already doing naturally

cut away the old dead growth
give room for the new


metaphorical quesion:

the premise is a race
the problem is, selecting a winner

one might want to take all things into account
the courage of the contestants
the ones we like, the ones we don't like
the ones who are pretty or ugly
the ones who overcome adversity
the ones who are well gifted and
the ones who are fueled by spirit alone
the ones who believe in god or the ones who don't
the ones who vote republican or
the ones who believe in a fair & just society
the ones who run the finish first and
the ones who run fast but don't make it because they burn out

but in my world, only one thing matters
which one gets there first?
why would we judge a race by any other method?


got a letter in the mail today

dear joshua, you try too hard
with your big talk about change
and the new hair cut
fancy jacket and shiny shoes
all of this is meaningless
without a vision and a plan
do you have what it takes
to fill those clothes
or is it all just a lot of fluff
like the hair?
love, little baby jesus

government motors

i didn't believe it when my dad said
watch out for omama, he's a socialist
but it looks to be true
my dad remembers when nixon bought amtrak
'just for three years' nixon said
the idea was, it would turn around
and become self sufficient
'well make a profit!' someone said

here in 2009, we can look and say
'you fucking dumbasses...'

are cars going the way of the train?
hardly. but let evolution happen.
free market encourages innovation
because you run faster when you believe your life is in danger!



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